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MamaDawn Bakes

Where 50% of EVERY order is

donated to local nonprofits 

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.



How it all started

HI! I’m MamaDawn! I am a self taught, home based baker. In December 2016, I decided to try and BAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE and MamaDawn Bakes was born! 


Years ago my son called me Dawn one day(being a smartass) and I said I’m your Mama not Dawn. So he started calling me MamaDawn. Later, when I started volunteering with homeless and disenfranchised lgbtq youth, they would ask me what my name was and I would say just call me MamaDawn. I cooked and baked for them all the time. I wanted to do more so I started MamaDawn BAKES in 2017 and donate 50% to local nonprofits that advocate, address, and support social justice, lgbtqia inequality, homelessness, and animal welfare. 

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